Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Narrowboat For Sale

Outdoor and Services


Eight large Dutch Barge style windows and two side doors/windows (one by the bed and the other in the lounge).

75 Gallon Water Tank

Large water tank located under the front deck area. There is a filling cap on the front deck and access to the tank is through a hatch located in the kitchen. There is enough room to add a further tank if required.

Gas Locker

The Gas locker at the front of the boat contains three propane (orange) gas cylinders. These are connected to the Gas systems on the boat and feed the Gas hot water system and the Oven. The locker also contains an in-line ‘Bubble’ gas leak detector.

Central Heating

Three hidden radiators (two in the lounge and one in the bathroom) are fed by a drip feed a Kabola E5 diesel burner. There is also an in-line Calorifier Hot water tank that gives an extra supply of hot water when the central heating is switched on.

External Paintwork

The Boat has been painted (Poppy red sides with a Cream roof) within the last two years however this is not complete and some parts need re-touching and others areas have been primed recently ready for painting.

BSC (Boat safety certificate)

The Boat was recently inspected and now holds a new BSC to 01/04/2013.
A full Hull survey was completed in 2005 and can be provided on request


Boilerplate currently has no permanent mooring. She is currently moored on the Mill Stream in Oxford which is part of the Thames and has been in the same place for three years. There are water points on the far side of the stream and a place to empty the toilet as the end of the Oxford Canal (the Hythe Bridge Arm containing permanent Narrowboat moorings) runs parallel to the Mill stream at that point.


Boilerplate was sold to me as a shell with only a little history known. The Survey indicated that she was only 10-15 years old and due to the unusual features (large Dutch barge style windows and very large fore-deck) was probably a private build. A full History can probably be traced using the BW (British Waterways) registration number, this is unfortunately something I haven’t had the time to do.